“Sexual healing takes a long time, but gradually happens.”

- Ellen Bass & Laura Davis

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bravely Moving Forward:
Overcoming Sexual Abuse

When I share my story with other women, I've been asked, ``And..why haven't you been on Oprah?``

I’ll paint you a quick picture of what my story looks like: it’s draped with the dulling red of growing up without the surefire love of a parent, watching people walk in and out of my life without warning, and learning early on what it feels like to be left alone and surviving sexual abuse as a child.

Like so many, my childhood was anything but easy, and each of us who have survived sexual abuse has had a much tougher road than kids who are born into the bright light of a happy family and raised with an innate understanding of how to maintain a positive attitude.

It's my mission to help survivors stop misconceptions about themselves: ``I'm damaged goods``, ``I'm a sexual object,`` ``I must be bad,`` or ``I deserved it.``

It frustrates me when survivors do not have the lives or relationships they deserve. Or worse yet, being traumatized by people who are supposed to help. It reminds me of my past and how horrific life was for a decade.

You see, I was an active, curious toddler. Until tragedy struck. My mom passed away and my dad quickly married the step-monster who had four not nice children of her own.

My happy home of four quickly became a toxic environment of eight.

Through my own journey of recovering from childhood sexual abuse, I've gained insight and understanding about what it takes to overcome abuse. This makes it possible for me to relate to and appreciate your struggles intimately.

Your coaching program, Bravely Moving Forward has been specifically designed to change the way you think and heal from your childhood sexual abuse. How you relate to others is key to improving the the overall quality of your life as well as relationships.

Looking to break free from your past and bravely move forward with your life?

I offer direct one-on-once coaching to select clients. This is through a brief application process. Please apply for a complimentary one hour Breakthrough session to learn more about how one-on-one coaching can help you break free from your pain and bravely move forward.

Start Your Journey Today
Bravely Moving Forward

How I Can Help You:

* Discover your self-identify and what makes you unique.

* Create a vision of the person you want to be.

* Identify your fears, challenges, doubts, that keep you from reaching your dreams.

* Decide if Bravely Moving Forward is the next step for you.

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